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Rescheduled - VEIS Grand Finals

Unfortunately, a decision has been made by Braemar College and the school is unable to run the final qualifier in the VEIS series for Jumping. They hope to host a jumping competition later in the year.

This means that the series placings and therefore, the Victorian Team selection process will involve the two rounds run so far plus the Grand Final for jumping. There will be no dropped score. Dressage will remain the same- best two scores and the Grand Final. The final is worth 1.5 points. 

VEIS has moved both Grand Final rounds to the 10th and 11th of July. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable, as it now involves clashes and a late decision on the Victorian team in relevant levels of dressage and jumping. 

Please look at the series scores https://www.veis.com.au/series-scores

AGM - change of date

Thursday 12 November - 7pm

AGM and Short general meeting - Open

Location - via Zoom - link will be emailed to all who RSVP

We will have another general meeting early December - date TBA.

If you have an agenda item please let a representative in your region know or email: info@veis.com.au

EV Return to Play Document 


Please find below the EV Return to Training and Competition document. 

This is for affiliated groups planning to run training and competitions. 

It is hoped we can reach Stage 3 on Page 6/7 with full training and return to competitions during Term 3. 

School Sport Victoria has not made a decision on interschool sport during Term 3 but many State and National Championships have been cancelled.

There may still be limited numbers at competitions and the extensive guidelines included, give organisers and competitors important information to enable these competitions to run.

VEIS update - Covid-19 Event Cancellations and updates

The VEIS hopes equestrian families are keeping safe.

Equestrian Victoria regularly sends updates re isolation and requirements in regard to equestrian activities.  These change on a daily basis and do need to be followed.

VEIS has only completed Round 1 of both the Dressage and Show Jumping series.  It will not be possible to complete the remaining two rounds in April and May and the Grand Final in June.

VEIS will work with the ISV (Interschool Victoria) committee when restrictions are lifted to consider how competitions may continue for this year.

Wrap up - EQ Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final 2019

Photos thanks to our wonderful sponsor OneEyedFrog Photography - to order images go to:    https://www.oneeyedfrog.com.au/equestrian/

Well done to the VEIS committee, riders, families, course builders, judges and helpers over the EQ Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final Show Jumping and Dressage weekend.

Feedback relevant to the 2019 VEIS series and Grand Final would be appreciated with a view to making improvements in planning for 2020. Please email website@veis.com.au

Huge thanks to our sponsors. With special thanks to Brendan Slade from Event Secretary who has managed all the results and series points in an honorary capacity.

EQ Saddleworld

Barastoc feeds

OneEyedFrog Photography

The following schools:

Assumption College Kilmore, Ballarat Grammar, Braemar College, Geelong Grammar School, Haileybury College, Ivanhoe Grammar, Newhaven College, Peninsula Grammar, Toorak College

TOP 6 Show Jumping Schools

Toorak College, Braemar College, Geelong Grammar School, Ivanhoe Grammar, Salesian College Rupertswood, Mercy Regional College Camperdown

Top 6 Dressage Schools

Toorak College, Braemar College, Peninsula Grammar, Geelong Grammar School, Balcombe Grammar, Kardinia International College

Congratulations to those riders selected, through the VEIS series, in the Victorian Team for the Australian Interschool Championships in Sydney, in October.

The Top 5 riders for the VEIS series in each discipline and division will be offered elite training in Dressage or Showjumping sponsored by the VEIS in the spirit of fostering talent development in interschool riders. Riders who finished in the Top 5 positions will be notified next term with dates in each region for Show jumping and Dressage clinics to be offered.


Freshman Eleanor Shephard Yarrambat P.S.

Encourage Zara Adnams Melbourne Girls’ Grammar

Improvers Hannah Gajic Salesian College Rupertswood

Progressive Monique Dewsnap Toorak College

Intermediate Miranda Darby Ivanhoe Grammar

Advanced Alice Murray Gippsland Grammar

Stars Hayden Parker Mercy Regional College Camperdown


Preparatory Allegra Newman Derinya P.S.

Primary Preliminary Emma Hercules Toorak College

Intermediate Preliminary Abbey Mamers Balcombe Grammar

Senior Preliminary Emily Yeoman Westbourne Grammar School

Primary Novice Jack Barker Firbank Grammar School

Intermediate Novice Alexandra Gibson Ringwood S.C.

Senior Novice Lily Cowburn Braemar College

Elementary Paige Koliba Home School

Medium Olivia Gillespie Braemar College

Advanced Isabelle Luxmoore Braemar College

Small Tour Jazi French Peninsula Grammar

EQ Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final 2019
Werribee Park Equestrian Centre June 15th and 16th

Show Jumping will be held on Saturday June 15th and Dressage on Sunday June 16th.


This event is open to all interschool riders; however, individual and team series points only apply to the same rider and mount combination for the series. These riders must have competed at, at least one series qualifying event prior to the final.


Entries are only available online at Event Secretary. www.eventsecretary.org.au

For the Grand Final event, there will be sashes and prizes for the Champion and Reserve Champions and ribbons for 1st to 6th in each class.


Final entries close on Sunday 9th June.


The EQ Saddleworld Grand Final is 1.5x’s points of the individual qualifier events in the VEIS Series Championships and will decide the overall VEIS Series Champions for 2019 – both for the school and individual awards. Winners of the VEIS individual level championships will be awarded garlands and rugs donated by EQ Saddleworld (excluding the Preparatory Dressage level), with the runners-up receiving embroidered saddle blankets and rosettes to 5th.


If you wish to check the VEIS Series progress scores leading into the Grand Final, please click on the following link:



The Champion Dressage School will win the VEIS Dressage Trophy.


The Champion Show Jumping School will win the perpetual Annie White Trophy.


The Top 5 riders for the VEIS series in each discipline and division will be offered elite training in Dressage or Show jumping sponsored by the VEIS in the spirit of fostering talent development in interschool riders.


Please note that help from families will be needed as this event is run by the VEIS voluntary committee. Payment of $50 per family is accepted in lieu of assistance at the event.

Assistance is needed on Friday 14th June between 11:00am and 2:00pm to build the show jumping courses. This may suit some families who live reasonably close to Werribee Park. Please reply by email if you are to assist.

Inexperienced secondary riders may enter Freshman Show Jumping. This class has been sponsored by BALMATTUM PARK EQUESTRIAN with a Champion and Reserve Champion on the day. Please do not enter if you compete regularly and can canter confidently around a show jumping course. Please email office@eventsecretary.com.au if you need to change your class.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our sixth Grand Final event which promises to be a super weekend.

Meeting Summary - May 2019

Update from VEIS meeting 15th May

Please email juliaw@toorakc.vic.edu.au if you would like any further details

The amount of the new Dressage Test Levy commencing July 1st has not been confirmed. Was discussed at $4 per test.

A question raised re needing registration papers for horse swabbing at events. Visual identification is adequate if the horse is not registered

Series scores have been updated promptly but there have been issues with incorrect and inconsistent names, level of some riders. Lisa Hocking discussed Queensland model where interschool combinations have numbers which can be used on entry etc. makes checking and consistency in names much easier. Good for biosecurity tracking etc.

Discussion re cost of entries may be affecting entry of some riders. It is difficult to run events if you have to hire a venue and pay a large number of dressage judges. Some regional events have cancelled due to low entries. They may a need to consider running events in the second half of the year. Events on EV and VEIS calendar must have EV affiliation and adequate insurance. This can be expensive for smaller groups.

VEIS Grand Final

Thank you to sponsors so far EQ Saddleworld, OneEyed Frog Photography, Barastoc.

Some schools have committed to sponsor the Grand Final.

Parent assistance payment in lieu of approx. 2 hours work was discussed. This event cannot run without help. Need to clarify that this is per family not per rider on entry.

Volunteer levy in place of assistance- $50 per family.

Improvement for Interschool Horse Trials Series

This is not in the control of VEIS but the planning of 2019-2020 Horse Trials is commencing with a meeting in June. Would be less stress on the calendar, organizers and families if the events prior to the end of the year prior could be included.

Discussion re treatment of organizers of events by parents. There have been many reports of poor behaviour towards organizers, officials, judges and technical delegates. EV may follow up with formal reprimands.

EV Surveys’ Feedback

Matthew Brown has presented the draft report to Interschool State Championships Committee. He is happy to come to a VEIS meeting to go through the recommendations and future planning.

Tabled report from SBP for EV. Process is continuing with a draft proposal to go to the EV Board. Interschool is currently not a discipline at National or State level and this has created many problems.

Discussion re some sort of cohesion and structure involving all aspects and disciplines of interschool. These riders are the future EV members and have stronger skills to feed to squads etc.

Equestrian Victoria, Victorian Team selection policy and procedures tabled. This includes State team captain’s selection.


Six VEIS events and Final need to be locked in first and booked to ensure better spacing, especially show jumping. Grand Final 2019 date is harder for senior riders as the end of term with exams and VCE outcomes.

Participation and Qualifier Events

Discussion re the misunderstanding of “qualifier” term. It should be termed “participation event for EV States”. Lisa H. spoke about each combination needing to attend only one event and reasons behind this.

VEIS series events are qualifiers for the final and team places where noted.

Any competitions on VEIS, EV calendar are “participation” events.


Discussion re photographers at interschool events given the ages of the riders. Photographers need to contact organizers, produce related checks and documents and abide by venue requirements. EA has media guidelines.

Some riders may not permitted to be photographed or have photos distributed.

Events may be sponsored by certain photographers who are that events photographer.

EA Guidelines for photographers circulated and draft requirements.

  • Current WWC Check
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Secure business website to enable photographs to be accessed
  • Accreditation as a Commercial Photographer

EV has been approached re a policy on this.

Change of date - Meeting 

VEIS Open Meeting 


Wednesday May 15th at The Leverson, North Melbourne 7:00pm

Dinner is available prior or during the meeting.

Everyone welcome please email the website@veis.com.au if you would like to attend to ensure we have enough room. Any agenda items to juliaw@toorakc.vic.edu.au

VEIS Update - April 2019

Riders are looking forward to a busy term, to ensure series results are completed by the end of June for the Victorian team.

Congratulations to Tintern Grammar and their hardworking committee on another very successful Horse Trials and also the Clonard College, the overall team winners.


Second VEIS Show Jumping Qualifier Braemar College Saturday 4th May Riddells Creek

Third VEIS Show Jumping Qualifier Geelong Grammar Saturday 18th May WPNEC

Third VEIS Dressage Qualifier Assumption College Saturday 2nd June Elmore

VEIS Grand Final Show Jumping Saturday 15th June Dressage Sunday 16th June WPNEC

The top two series riders, who have not been placed 1st or 2nd at EV States, qualify for the Australian Interschool’s in nominated levels. The Grand Final is run as normal competition in both disciplines with ribbons and prizes. To use this score for the series tally and school team score riders must compete in at least one series qualifier.

Entering correct information

It is extremely important that riders and their horses’ names are consistently spelt in the same way when entering events. Much manual checking has been needed for series tallies as computers do not assume similarity in a name is therefore the same combination.

VEIS Open Meeting Tuesday May 14th at The Leverson, North Melbourne 7:00pm

Dinner is available prior or during the meeting.

Everyone welcome please email the website@veis.com.au if you would like to attend to ensure we have enough room. Any agenda items to juliaw@toorakc.vic.edu.au

March VEIS Committee Meeting Summary


Requests that Show jumping scoring will show all placings in at class will be addressed at VEIS series competitions coming up and is planned for the future.

Cost of Entries

Discussion re costs of entries. VEIS calendared competitions are encouraged to keep this at reasonable level of around $30 per class but may also include a venue or facility cost. It is difficult for volunteer groups to run events requiring hire costs, especially dressage needing many judges.


VEIS Dressage competitions at the top levels will run Small Tour. Selection for the State team at PSG and Inter 1 (two levels) requires riders to compete at one series qualifier and the Grand Final with a qualifying score. Riders may choose one Advanced test and PSG.

The dressage levy proposed for July 1st by EV of $4:00 per test will add to costs.

Sponsorship at Grand Final

The VEIS Grand final and VEIS Series are looking for further sponsors. This may be your school or a horse related industry. Please contact website@veis.com.au .


Random swabbing as per EA rules may take place at VEIS events. This is not something to be worried about if you are selected. The organisers of the competition do not select those to be swabbed. If your horse is not register with papers the vet uses visual identification. Thank you if you have been involved in swabbing this year.


The difficulties with the growth of enthusiastic interschool riders and how they may be catered for has been discussed regularly over the past two seasons. The EV Eventing subcommittee has also discussed the difficulties of having enough classes to accommodate the demand from interschool as well as grass roots riders at the lower levels. In view of these concerns a meeting is planned for early June between VEIS, EV and the Eventing subcommittee to plan for the 2019-2020 season.

EV Focus groups to improve and develop Interschool Equestrian Sport in Victoria 
- Incentive offered to participants

Dear VEIS Riders and Families,

As you may recall prior to Christmas Equestrian Victoria and the VEIS conducted a survey into the current “Interschool Equestrian Experience”.

These results are back and they are fascinating!

The next step of the project is to hold 2 focus groups with people made up of interested parties looking to improve and develop interschool equestrian sport here in Victoria.

We hope a wide range of people from varying stakeholder groups will express interest in taking part. If you are interested please go to the following link and register your willingness to participate: HERE

The focus groups will be held:

Time:                    7pm to 9pm
Date:                     Wednesday 20th February and Wednesday 6th March 
Location:             Green Acres Golf Club, 51 Elm Grove Kew East, VIC 3102
Parking:               Plenty of parking available
Remuneration: $60 Fuel Card per participant
Catering:              Snacks provided

Matthew Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Equestrian Victoria

W: vic.equestrian.org.au
P:   +61 3 9013 0707
M:  0447 261 930

2019 Updates and Committee

Office Bearers 2019

President Julia Williams juliaw@toorakc.vic.ecu.au

Vice President Marina Oman marinao@ggs.vicd.edu.au

Secretary Honouree Dominic Bruehwiler

Treasurer & Public Officer Julia Williams

VEIS Website Caitlin O’Connell website@veis.com.au

General Committee Three from each zone (including those above)

Northern Zone:

Kate Luxmoore-Braemar

Helen Perez-Assumption

Julia Gibson-Ivanhoe

South Eastern Zone:

(Julia Williams-Toorak)

Karen Lawrence-Toorak

Leanne McLean-Beaconhills

Barwon Zone:

(Marina Oman-Geelong Grammar)

Deb MacNicol- Dressage EV

Cate Leslie –Geelong Grammar

Thank you for the further offers of assistance.

Matthew Brown from EV offered support in 2019.

Proposed Meeting Dates 2019

Tuesday March 19th Committee-Phone Conference

Tuesday May 14th Open Meeting

Tuesday June 4th Committee GF Organisation -Phone Conference

Tuesday August 20th Committee GF debrief -Phone Conference

Tuesday November 19th AGM Open Meeting

Thank you to our VEIS generous sponsors in 2018

Mustad Saddleworld Geelong

One Eyed Frog Photography

Horse in the Box

Riders Diary

Grand Final sponsoring schools- Assumption College, Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre, Ballarat Grammar, Beaconhills College, Braemar College, Geelong Grammar, ISJ, Newhaven College, Peninsula Grammar, Toorak College.

Event Secretary has kindly agreed to run all individual and series VEIS scores for 2019.

It is very important that riders consistently enter the same spelling and format of their names and their horse’s name to ensure points are awarded correctly.

Many thanks to Caitlin O’Connell who very efficiently manages the VEIS website, entries, calendar, updates and numerous other communications.

Updates for 2019

Qualifier Dates

Apologies for ISJ late confirmation. These dates have involved negotiation with change of venue and also consideration of weekday traffic for the VEIS qualifier. The need to complete the final in Term 2 has also made for a busy half year calendar.

Round 1 ISJ February Sunday 17th February Boneo Park Entries Open
Round 2 Geelong Grammar Dressage Day Sunday 24th February Corio Entries Open
Round 3 Boneo Dressage Hosted by Balcombe Grammar 23rd March Boneo Park

Round 4 Braemar Showjumping Saturday 4th May Riddle’s Creek Pony Club
Round 5 Barwon Show Jumping Saturday 18th May WPNEC

Round 6 Assumption Dressage Day Sunday 2nd June Elmore Park
Final Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June WPNEC


At interschool events EV insurance is preferred and required at State and National Championships. Riders may also have PCV or HRCAV. Some entrants specify school insurance. This must be checked to ensure riders have adequate Personal Accident and Public Liability cover. All VEIS run events and qualifying events accept PCV or HRCAV but some competitions cannot accept PCV or HRCAV. It is at their discretion, usually under the school’s business policy. Some venues carry their own insurance for all riders. (E.g. Boneo Park). Schools will be asked to submit a Certificate of Currency at the start of the year to the VEIS before riders’ entries can be accepted under school insurance. Online entries will only accept school insurance if a Certificate of Currency has been supplied from your school insurers prior.

Multiple Rides

It is recommended no more than two horses are ridden at one event. More than two horses entered it is at the discretion of the organizers and riders must realize times may be close to accommodate the number of classes entered.


Jackets are not worn at interschool competitions unless selected in the Victorian Interschool team for Australian Championships where riders represent Victorian not their school. As a courtesy to judges, riders should be neat and well presented in their school team uniform or an appropriate jumper or the sports top of their school. Large advertising logos and a mixed range of gear has been commented upon at some events by the judges. If hair is long it needs to be secured and must not obscure back numbers in Horse Trials.

Behaviour of Riders, Supporters and Parents

There is an EA Code of Conduct for Parents and guardians at the events including the warm up area and rings. Personal confrontations with judges and officials are inappropriate.

Judges and spectators have commented on what appears to be dangerous riding at some show jumping levels. According to EA rules, the judge does have power to eliminate dangerous riders and will be supported by organising committees.


As per EA rules random swabbing may take place at interschool qualifying events and the VEIS Grand Final. This will be in accordance with EA procedures.

EV Team Eventing Qualifiers for Primary and Secondary riders

Eventing Qualifier dates have been revised and are on the VEIS calendar. Riders must enter these early as places fill fast in lower levels. Please note new event rules and class names. Full details available on EA website

CCN2*-S (previously CNC1*)

CCN1*-S (previously EVA105)

EVA 95



Changes to dressage rules for 2019 can be found at http://www.equestrian.org.au/content/proposed-discipline-rules-1st-january-2019 .

The new dressage tests are effective 1st Feb 2019. All interschool competitions will need to use the new tests. The B and C tests will be used at the EV State championships and for the last two VEIS qualifier events and final.

For levels to Advanced a qualifying score combined between the two tests of 57.5 % is needed to gain individual or school series points.

PSG and Intermediate 1 will run a Small Tour with minimum required percentages to compete. State Team selection will be based on placings at the VEIS Grand Final provided one series event has been ridden with a qualifying percentage.

A horse/rider combination may only qualify for a state team place at one dressage level.  The exception being PSG and Inter 1 where a combination can qualify for both levels.

Show Jumping

A shortened show jumping format will run at higher levels- Stars, Advanced and Intermediate in the interest of horse welfare in smaller fields.

AM2 Article 2.1 (one complete round)

Grand Prix will run as Article 3.3.1 (Two rounds)

Non qualifying event classes offered are at the discretion of the organisers.

VEIS is hoping to trial a new scoring system at the first VEIS qualifier in February.

Combined Training

Future planning aims to develop a Combined Training Series with an event in each region. This presents a good opportunity for schools looking to host a competition. Boneo Park and Hillcrest are offering Combined Training in the South East

EV Survey

Thank you to competitors who completed the EV Interschool Survey in December. Feedback will inform future planning for development of interschool events and processes.

Congratulations to Grace Baker and Karina Bartlett who won tickets to Melbourne Three Day Event in June for completing the survey.

Feeder Schools

At VEIS events schools may have multiple campuses for team and insurance purposes. These campuses must come under the same Governance/Board and same Principal (Head of School). For example a school may have a Senior Campus Year 7-12 and Primary Campuses Prep-Year 6

Shortened VEIS Series or Event

If it is necessary to cancel one round of the VEIS series the best 3 scores count for riders and also. The Grand Final coefficient of 1.5 will remain if this event is run. If the Grand Final is cancelled the three events that have been held are treated equally.

If a VEIS series event is shortened on the day, all classes completed will count for individual series scores. No school scores will be included in the series for that round.


As per EA rules introduced in 2018. No stallions, colts or rigs are to be ridden at interschool competitions.

Heat Policy/Safety

Organising committees and school may have a heat policy for riders to be applied at events. If not, the EA Hot Weather Policy, based on a temperature and humidity scale will be used with the main focus on Horse Welfare. Organising committees reserve the right to shorten or abandon any event if they view the risk to be too great to riders. This may be weather conditions, bush fire etc. Parent and supporters need to keep in mind the welfare and safety of interschool riders and make appropriate decisions suited to the age of the children.

VEIS 2019 Calendar Changes and Handbook/Rules Update

VEIS Calendar Changes

Please note ISJ Round 1 will now be run on Sunday 17 February 2019 at Boneo Park.  Entries open soon.

Handbook and Rules

Updated Handbook and Rules are being finalised and will be available soon.

VEIS - AGM and final meeting for 2018

VEIS Annual General Meeting Tuesday 27th November

The Imperial - Corner of Bourke and Spring Streets, Melbourne

 AGM 7:00pm Election of Office Bearers and Committee To be followed by VEIS General Meeting


Agenda Items to juliaw@toorakc.vic.edu.au This meeting is open to any interested people.

Please respond with your intention to attend to assist venue arrangements.


You will be able to purchase dinner prior to the meeting.


Positions for Election, Offers of assistance with these positions most welcome.





Northern Zone 3 Representatives

Barwon Zone 3 Representatives

South East Zone 3 Representatives


VEIS has emailed out a draft Calendar. These dates have been amended and can be downloaded from the VEIS website in a printable version.

The ISJ dates and/or venue will change for the remainder of 2019 competitions


ISJ/VEIS Round 1 Saturday 16th February either Boneo Park or Ayr Hill TBC


Interschool Eventing current changes due to the numerous clashes. Best three events count for Victorian Team selection. You must enter early as these events in both Interschool and Open classes fill quickly.

You must complete at least two events.


Round 1 Tonimbuk Horse Trials March 8th 9th 10th


Round 2 Wandin Park International Horse Trials 23rd 24th March. Riders must be 12 years of age to compete at this event for insurance purposes


Round 3 Lakes and Craters Camperdown April 6th 7th 8th


Round 4 Tintern Horse Trials 27th and 28th April


Round 5 Ballarat Horse Trials 10th 11th 12th May


Round 6 Woady Yaloak Horse Trials 25th 26th May


Mustad Saddleworld Geelong VEIS Grand Final 2018 Wrap up

Well done to the riders and their families who have been part of the 2018 VEIS Series and Finals in Show Jumping and Dressage. Show jumpers had wonderful weather for Saturday’s competition. Dressage riders braved the deteriorating conditions during the day on Sunday.


Good Luck those qualifying in the nominated levels for the EV State Team at Australian Interschool Championships in October. You will be contacted by Lisa Hocking.


Thank you to those volunteers and schools who were called on to assist over the weekend.


All photos thanks to OneEyedFrog Photography

Please support our great sponsors:  

Mustad Saddleworld Geelong for the wonderful rugs and saddle blankets.

Sharlene Phillips from One-Eyed Frog whose beautiful photos are available online and easily sorted by name of rider, school etc.

Horse in the Box

Riders Diary

School Sponsors: Braemar College, Newhaven College, Assumption College Kilmore, Ballarat Grammar, Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre VET Studies, Peninsula Grammar, Toorak College, Flinders Christian Community College and Geelong Grammar School.


Congratulations to Toorak College, winners of the  VEIS Series 2018 Show Jumping for the 5th consecutive year and Braemar College who regained the Dressage trophy with their strong team. 

Our 18 State VEIS Champions 2018 are:

STARS Chloe Dennison Toorak College

ADAVANCED Eliza Lloyd Padua College
INTERMEDIATE Alice Murray Gippsland Grammar
PROGRESSIVE Neve Bailey Toorak College

IMPROVERS Grace Ryan Peninsula Grammar

ENCOURAGE Alice Lawrence Toorak College

FRESHMAN Ashely Cowburn Newham P.S.

PSG Amy Bachman Girton Grammar School

ADVANCED Jazi French Toorak College

MEDIUM Lizzie Brand Geelong Grammar School

ELEMENTARY Olivia Gillespie Braemar College
SENIOR NOVICE Chloe Ellis Assumption College Kilmore
INTERMEIATE NOVICE Maddi Growcott Hillcrest Christian College
PRIMARY NOVICE Ashlee Hivon Lutheran Good Shepherd P.S.
SENIOR PRELIMINARY Natasha Moody St Margaret’s
INTERMEDIATE PRELIMINARY  Taleah Cameron Mornington Secondary College
PRIMARY PRELIMINARY Jack Barker Firbank Grammar School
PREPARATORY Sophie Manton St. Mary’s Lancefield

All photos thanks to OneEyedFrog Photography

Riders who finished in the top 5 at each level for the VEIS Series are entitled to a Dressage or Show Jumping clinic. This year we are streamlining this process and ensure you are offered lessons in your area, prior to the end of 2018. Full results are available on the VEIS website under series scores if you need to check your placing.

For clinics please contact:

Northern Zone: 

Show Jumping Julia Gibson jegibson@tpg.com.au

Dressage Kate Luxmoore luxmoore1@bigpond.com

Barwon Zone: Marina Oman marinao@ggs.vic.edu.au

South East: Julia Williams juliaw@toorakc.vic.edu.au

Feedback and Suggestions:

Any profit the VEIS makes goes back to the riders.

Feedback from the finals or in regard to VEIS competitions is always appreciated with a view to improvement. Thank you to the volunteer committee who generously give of their time to further junior riding.

Reminder - Events must be submitted to website@veis.com.au  for the 2019 calendar prior to the end of August to ensure the calendar can be published by Term 4. Every attempt is being made to complete the series and finals for 2019 prior to the end of Term 2.

Mustad Saddleworld Geelong VEIS Grand Final 2018

Mustad Saddleworld Geelong VEIS Grand Final in 2018 to be held at Werribee Park Equestrian Centre on July 28th and 29th

Show Jumping will be held on Saturday July 28th and Dressage on Sunday July 29th.


This event is open to all interschool riders, however, individual and team series points only apply to the same rider and mount combination for the season.


Entries are only available online at Event Secretary. www.eventsecretary.com.au


Final entries close on Friday 20th July.


The Saddleworld Grand Final is 1.5x’s points of the individual qualifier events in the VEIS Series Championships, and will decide the overall VEIS Series Champions for 2018 – both for the school and individual awards. Winners of the VEIS individual level championships will be awarded garlands and rugs donated by Saddleworld (excluding the Preparatory Dressage level), with the runners-up receiving embroidered saddle blankets and rosettes to 5th.


If you wish to check the VEIS Series progress scores leading into the Grand Final, please click on the following link:



The Champion Dressage School will win the VEIS Dressage Trophy.


The Champion Show Jumping School will win the perpetual Annie White Trophy.


For the Grand Final event, there will be sashes for the Champion and Reserve Champions and ribbons for 1st to 6th in each class.

The Top 5 riders for the VEIS series in each discipline and division will be offered elite training in Dressage or Showjumping sponsored by the VEIS in the spirit of fostering talent development in interschool riders.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our fifth Grand Final event which promises to be a super weekend.


VEIS Meeting 22 May - Summary

The VEIS Meeting in May discussed a number of things. Here is a summary of key points.

If anyone would like clarification or further details please email juliaw@toorakc.vic.edu.au

Heat Policy

There is an EA policy available in regard to temperature and humidity. Schools and organisers may also have their own requirements relating to school sport.

Feedback from shortened classes at top levels in show jumping has been positive. To be reviewed for 2019 at other levels.


Riders need to hold both personal accident and public liability. Ev insurance indicated on entry online is preferred as numbers can be checked prior to the competition. PCAV and HRCAV need to supply cards. If you indicate you are riding under school insurance this needs to be verified by a letter from your school.

Clarification of feeder schools

At VEIS event schools may have multiple campuses for team and insurance purposes. These campuses must come under the same Governance/Board and same Principal (Head of school). For example a school may have a Senior Campus Year 7-12 and Primary Campuses Prep-Year 6

Behaviour towards judges

Inappropriate contact and comments have been observed. Please refer to guidelines of EA Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians.

Stallion clarification

Currently no stallions are permitted at VEIS calendared events. Change to EA rules from July 1st - Stallions ineligible to compete at any interschool events. Definition of stallion confirmed with EA.

Report form Australian Interschools. There will be a training weekend August 10 & 11 for the Victorian team. New Zealand riders have been invited. Pool horses are needed.

Discussion of correct entrants in Preparatory dressage classes.

Eventing feedback received re-entries filling quickly and the points system. Discussion of ways to improve this. Subcommittee working on this for 2019 series

Series scores concern- They are now updated and will use one specific person to this in a timely manner

Grand Final organisation

Volunteer levy $30 in place of assisting on the day at Grand Final dressage

Sponsorship sought from schools. Have Saddleworld Geelong, Riders’ Diary and One Eyed frog also.

Trade stands are very welcome - cost is $100 per day if not sponsoring.

Need to maintain a common entry cost for VEIS qualifiers and connected events of around $30 to $35 per test/class. Total cost may vary with the differences in facility fees depending on venue

VEIS is not for profit and gives back to riders. Approved sponsorship Vic team jackets for Australian Championships, offer training in dressage and show jumping to Top 5 series riders.

Committee Meeting in July -organisation Grand Finals. Help and sponsorship sought.

2019 calendar dates are needed.

Julia Williams

Chair of VEIS

VEIS updates

Congratulations to Tintern Grammar and their hard working committee for a great 18th Annual Horse Trials over the weekend and a win to the Melbourne Girls' Grammar Team.

The VEIS is working with EV to clarify rules in all disciplines and to improve events for the future. Horse Trials are a complicated event to run and to compete at. Below is a link to some helpful guidelines for riders and families at eventing competitions.

Well done to the secondary riders currently on the Interschool Eventing Leader-board for Nationals.

Reminder Events coming up:

Braemar Show Jumping - VEIS Round 4 2018 - Saturday May 5th

Please note this will follow the usual show jumping format

ISJ Round 2 - Friday May 11th

Please note this will trial the changed format at Stars and Advanced levels.

ISD Interschool Dressage - VEIS Round 5 2018 - Saturday 19th May

Welcome to VEIS – Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series for 2018
from Julia Williams Chair VEIS

The year has started with some great competitions. The ISJ Show Jumping qualifier hosted by Beaconhills College and Assumption College Kilmore Dressage qualifier saw big entries, well-run events and a definite lifting of the bar with many riders competing at higher levels.

With the growth of VEIS we would like to give you a bit more insight on who we are, what we do and how you can keep up to date with information relating to Interschool Equestrian.

The VEIS aims to develop junior riding, assist riding families in having an overall view of interschool events for the year, assist schools in organizing their event and have a central place for interschool competitions which run under consistent guidelines.

The VEIS is a registered body completing Consumer Affair compliance each year. Funds raised are used to promote the sport including dressage and show jumping clinics for the top series riders and sponsorship of the Victorian Interschool Team at Nationals.

Hosts of interschool competitions submit their event to the calendar and pay a $100 ($200 for a VEIS Qualifying event) fee to have it included and communicated to the database. Competitions need to run under VEIS guidelines and EA rules where practicable for interschool. Sometimes EA rules cannot be applied due to the age of riders and nature of interschool competitions.

The VEIS website emails out entry forms to the database and any other relevant communication. All information is also available from the calendar with links to entries on the website.  On the website, a useful handbook includes updates to dressage rules, scoring and PSG level, combined training guidelines as well as general rules and explanations. Assistance is always available to schools commencing the running of an event.

Stallions are not to be ridden at VEIS calendared competitions from January 2018 due to risk management guideline requirements by schools, but can compete to qualify for National Interschool at EV State Championships.

In Dressage, PSG has been added to VEIS qualification for Nationals with two places in the Victorian team being awarded from the scores at VEIS 2018 final (the classes on the day, not the Series result).

Entry costs have been kept to a recommended minimum for a number of years. Bear in mind dressage events also have the cost to EV for each test ridden and often two judges, as well as offering 11 sections. Some venues also incur a separate facility fee as well as hire costs to the organisers.

The VEIS Finals will be held at Werribee Park- Show Jumping Saturday, July 28th and Dressage Sunday, July 29th. Any assistance at these events would be much appreciated as the committee is a small group and most have their own children competing.

Thank you for the fantastic 2017 Sponsorship from Mustad Saddleworld Geelong who supplied all the rugs as well as sponsoring the finals.

The Riders Diary will also be supporting the Dressage and Show Jumping qualifiers. Many thank also to the schools that sponsor each class at the final.

The VEIS committee consists of:

Chair - Julia Williams – Toorak College

Vice chair - Marina Oman – Geelong Grammar School

Secretary - Rachel Lovett (paid position)

General Committee –Three from each zone:

Northern Zone:

Kate Luxmoore - Braemar, Nicole Martin - Braemar, Julia Gibson - Ivanhoe Grammar

South Eastern Zone:

Julia Williams - Toorak College, Karen Lawrence - Toorak College, Brooke White - St Margaret’s School

Barwon Zone:

Marina Oman - Geelong Grammar, Deena Peters - Kardinia International College, Deb MacNicol - Geelong Grammar

Thanks to Deb Lovett who is now the General Manager at Werribee Park NEC. Deb has been a long term driving force in interschool competitions, hosting and running many at Hillcrest College for the past 12 years.

Brent Dennison recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of ISJ and will still be involved in ISJ, the VEIS Show Jumping finals, and scoring.

Due to the distance between committee members and time constraints, a number of meetings each year are undertaken via phone conference.

There are two open meetings each year planned in 2018 for May 22 and November 17 (combined with the AGM). Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute to these two meetings. The AGM includes the election of committee and office bearers. The committee welcomes new members.

Changes to communication:

Thanks to Caitlin O’Connell who has been the Secretary, held it all together and also managed the website. Caitie will be managing the website in 2018. Contact: website@veis.com.au .

Rachel Lovett will take over as Secretary. She will handle entry forms, calendar updates, and agenda items for VEIS committee meeting, minutes, communication and general queries. Contact: info@veis.com.au

VEIS Meetings - 2018 dates:

Tuesday 20 March – Phone conference - closed committee meeting

Tuesday 22 May - OPEN Meeting Flemington

Tuesday 10 July – Phone conference Grand Final Planning – closed committee meeting

Tuesday 11 September – Grand Final Debrief – closed committee meeting

Tuesday 27 November (including AGM) – OPEN Meeting – venue TBA

If you have an agenda item please let a representative in your region know or email: info@veis.com.au

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns I am happy to assist or point you in the right direction juliawilliams@toorakc.vic.edu.au

Assumption College Kilmore - VEIS Dressage Qualifier 04 March 2017

The prestigious Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre was the venue for the largest equestrian event Assumption College Kilmore has ever hosted on Sunday 4 March - the second qualifying round for VEIS (Victoria Equestrian Interschool Series).

This first VEIS dressage qualifier for the year and first round of the Northern District Interschools Series (NDIS) attracted a huge 221 entries. The weather was fine and the grounds were simply stunning. The number of entries far exceeded expectations which meant the equestrian team’s planning and organisation skills were put to the test.

Mustad Saddleworld Kilmore sponsored each division with an embroidered saddlecloth for Champions and a halter and lead set for Reserve Champions. A huge thanks to Mustad Saddleworld for their ongoing support of the team, it is most appreciated. Champions and Reserve Champions also received sashes, with ribbons to sixth place for all tests.

The day kicked off with the youngest riders saddling up for the preparatory section. A puddle in the top corner of one of the arenas caused by a sprinkler reaching a bit too far during morning watering put many riders to the test, with many ponies and horses not keen on getting their hoofs wet! However the youngsters all did their best and deserve a big clap for their efforts. Champion was Alice Hardwell of Lowther Hall Anglican while Assumption College Kilmore rider Sophie Manton was Reserve Champion on Kimberley Park Donny B.

Primary riders also competed in the Primary Preliminary and Primary Novice classes. In Primary Preliminary, Champion was Ashleigh Grant of Arthurs Creek Primary School while Reserve Champion was Emma Hercules of Toorak College. The Primary Novice section was extremely close and only awarded on countback to Lamoza Velisha of Kardinia International while Katya Bathurst of Axedale Primary took home the Reserve Champion sash.

There was a huge field for the Intermediate Preliminary class (years 7-9), so this was split into two sections. In section A, Maddi Growcott of Hillcrest Christian College won both tests and took out the championship while Emily Newnham of Assumption College Kilmore on Diamond Dot closely followed and was named Reserve Champion. Section B saw Chanel Radburn of Bacchus Marsh Grammar also first in both tests and named Champion, while Reserve Champion was Jaz Middleton of Marist Sion College on a cute little buckskin.

Senior Preliminary was also a large class and highly competitive. Abby Port of Ave Maria College won the championship while Olivia Venturini of the Toorak College team was Reserve.

Maddi Growcott of Hillcrest Christian College changed horses but not results in the Intermediate Novice section, winning both tests and taking home another championship sash and prize. Fantastic effort Maddi! Reserve Champion was Eliza Bell of Christian College Geelong.

Novice Senior saw a win for the host school, with Chloe Ellis of Assumption College Kilmore on My Bascombe Baci named Champion ahead of Reserve Shanae Jenkinson of Christian College Geelong.

Elementary riders were among those who did at least one test in the facility’s impressive indoor arena. Christian College Geelong added another result to its school tally with Sophie Taylor named Champion. Reserve was Kelsey Josephs of Ballarat Clarendon College.

Natasha Moody of St Margaret’s School Berwick won the Medium section ahead of Hannah Shippen of the ever-consistent Toorak College.

At the Advanced level, Isabelle Luxmoore of Braemar College won both her tests and was Champion ahead of Lindsey Ware of St Catherine’s School.

The most difficult levels in interschool dressage are Prix St Georges and Inter 1. In PSG, Assumption College Kilmore equestrian captain Brooke Pearce led from the front and was Champion ahead of Amy Bachmann of Girton Grammar School Bendigo.

In Inter 1, Amy Bachmann turned the tables and took home the Champion sash ahead of Jazi French of Toorak College.

The school score is calculated by adding the top 4 scores from each school. Assumption College’s top scorers were: Brooke Pearse and Revelwood Aston in Prix St Georges – Champion; Chloe Ellis and My Bascombe Baci in Senior Novice – Champion; Emily Newnham and Diamond Dot in Intermediate Preliminary – Reserve Champion and Sophie Manton and Kimberley Park Donny B in Preparatory – Reserve Champion.

Assumption College brought home the school shield on 38 points; Toorak College 35 points and Braemar College 31 points.

While this was a highlight for the team, an even greater highlight was seeing the team members, staff, parents and supporters all working hard and cooperating effectively to organise, produce and present such a high-quality and well-run event. Thanks to the judges, scorers, WPNEC staff and all the participants for helping make the day so very successful. 

Rescheduled Show Jumping information for Mustad Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final 2017

This is brief note to update you on the process we are following regarding entry to the rescheduled VEIS Grand Final which is now running concurrently with the ISJ Winter Show on August 18th at Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre.

All riders who entered the Grand Final Show Jumping day which was cancelled yesterday will receive a refund today or tomorrow. Entries will not be rolled over to the ISJ - riders are unfortunately requested to go online to www.nominate.com.au to enter the ISJ Winter Show (if you have not done so already). The reason for not being able to roll over entries is that many riders had already entered both, and there are some riders (fortunately not many) who are unable to make the 18th at Ayr Hill. We are requesting riders to enter the ISJ as quickly as possible if you intend to ride as entries are filling fast.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding regarding the cancellation of the event yesterday. We do look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 18th. 

Please don't hesitate to call me with questions. My contact number is 0447 048824.

Kind regards,

Brent Dennison

Mustad Saddleworld Geelong VEIS Grand Final 2017

Mustad Saddleworld Geelong - VEIS Grand Final 2017 - Werribee Park Equestrian Centre

DRESSAGE – Saturday 05 August 
SHOW JUMPING – Sunday 06 August

The Mustad Saddleworld Geelong VEIS Grand Final is fast approaching and there are a few important changes to note:

Dressage this year will be held on Saturday 05 August and Show Jumping on Sunday 06 August.   This is different to previous years with the change being beyond the control of the VEIS organising committee. We hope that this change will be embraced and does not adversely impact too many riders.

We encourage all students to enter as this is a standalone event as well as being the final series qualifying round. All current primary and secondary students may enter the competitions over the weekend and gain placings in the events and championships. In order to gain series points as an individual and for your schools, riders must have competed at one VEIS qualifying event as a combination. 

Entries will be open on 01 July with Event Secretary at  www.eventsecretary.com.au. The cost per horse rider combination is $66.00 plus $6.00 facility fee.  We endeavour to keep the entry fee down to encourage wider participation and also cover the Werribee facility fee. This is great value for money with many presentations to be made throughout the day.
To reward our prolific and committed interschool community, the ISJ and the ISD are offering a "High Point" award at each Show Jumping and Dressage level in conjunction with the VEIS Grand Final. The highest scoring rider across the VEIS Grand Final and the following ISJ and ISD Winter Shows at each level will receive a bonus prize to be awarded at the Winter Shows. Make yourself eligible to be a part of this winter special by entering the VEIS Grand Final!

It is also a vital competition for those riders looking to qualify for the Victorian team to compete at the National Interschool Championships in Queensland later this year, as this VEIS Grand Final offers a bonus point scoring opportunity.  There are 1.5x’s points to be awarded in each of the individual qualifier events in the VEIS Series Championships, and this leader board will decide the overall VEIS Series Champions for 2017 – both for the school and individual awards.
Volunteer help is needed with dressage on Saturday with assistance first rostered to larger schools and riders who have competed across the dressage series.  Show jumping is covered by the Equine Studies class at Toorak College and Geelong Grammar will do the catering for judges and officials on both days.

As in previous years - the Top few riders for the VEIS series in each discipline and division will be offered free elite training in Dressage or Show Jumping at clinics sponsored by the VEIS.

In addition to the great prizes on offer for competitors over the weekend there will also be many shopping options in the Trade Village both days.

Stabling and camping is available directly from WPNEC and you can book via their link 

OneEyedFrog Photography will be our Official photographer for the Grand final, as many of you know her work is fantastic.

If you wish to check the VEIS Series progress scores leading into the Grand Final, please click on the following link:  

The VEIS is committed to fostering talent development in junior riders. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our fourth VEIS Grand Final event which promises to be a super weekend.  If you have any queries you are welcome to email  info@veis.com.au
Best of luck to all competing!

Photos thanks to OneEyedFrog Photography

ISJ Summer Show 2017 Report


Led by star equestrienne Jessica Grant, Ivanhoe Grammar won its first ever ISJ Schools Trophy at
the Summer Show held at Ayr Hill last Friday. On a day when more than 250 interschool riders from
83 schools competed for top honours, the small but talented team of Ivanhoe riders sent a signal to
reigning champions Toorak College that they will be a force to be reckoned in 2017.

In what is now the premier show jumping event on the interschool calendar, riders turned on a great spectacle of
jumping in their endeavour to earn early points in this year’s Championship race.

The top level Stars class was won by Jasmine Dennison, Toorak’s equestrian captain. Fresh from her
trip to New Zealand as part of the Australian Young Rider team, Jasmine jumped clear all day aboard
the talented Nicolossi to take the Champion rosette. Ivanhoe’s Jessica Grant was Reserve Champion
on Blackall Park Surprise in what was a most impressive debut at the ISJ Stars level. Last year’s
champion and Jasmine’s sister Chloe ran third for Toorak College on the evergreen Fosbury Flop.
The Stars class featured a number of new riders who have graduated through the ISJ ranks,
demonstrating the ISJ does indeed help young show jumpers reach greater heights!

Darcy Wade, another Australian representative, won the Advanced section representing Gippsland
Grammar. Darcy and his quick mount Westley Maxamillian again took home the Snow Spider trophy
in the Two Phase class, and his second place in the Grand Prix was enough for him to be crowned
overall Champion. Bronte Hutchison, one of the sport’s up and coming stars of the future, was
Reserve Champion in her first ride at the Advanced Level. Bronte, riding for Haileybury and coached
by Olympian Laurie Lever, won the Grand Prix to narrowly edge out Ivanhoe’s Clancy Grant who
scored valuable points for his school.

Jessica Grant followed up her excellent performance in the Stars to post a victory on her second
horse in the Intermediate level. On another Blackall Park mount, Jess made a clean sweep of both
classes, leaving Georgia Price riding the decorated TP Classic Act to take Reserve. Georgia was the
leading rider for the Summer Show sponsor school Beaconhills College. ISJ veteran Georgia Batten
was both third and fourth for Geelong College.

In the hotly contested Progressive level, Cassidy Neubauer scored more maximum points for Ivanhoe
by taking the Champion’s rosette, with primary school pocket rocket Hudson Craig showing he is one
to watch by taking out second place.

Harry Luxmore from equestrian powerhouse Braemar College was first and second in the Improvers,
with Will Murray from Gippsland Grammar finishing third.

The Encourage class had an exciting finish with more than 20 riders making the Grand Prix jump-off.
Isabella O’Donnell Fernando from Our Lady of Sion piloted Airsangraces to victory, with Chloe Durkin
from Mirboo North Secondary claiming Reserve Champion.

At the Primary Freshman level, Charlize Bradley from Flinders was the winner on Diana and Peninsula Grammar’s
Sienna Kasickis the runnerup.

The sportsmanship and competition throughout the day was tremendous at all levels. With so many
young talented show jumpers emerging through the ISJ and the VEIS, the future of the sport in
Victoria looks healthy!

Helmet Rules updated 2017 - Important Notice !

Please be aware of changes to Interschool and EA rules for 2017 in regards to approved helmets.

Spot checks will be conducted at all VEIS events so check your helmet to make sure it is compliant please.


There are new helmet standards in effect from 1/1/2017. The EN1384 standard is no longer approved.

PROTECTIVE headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards:


Current Australian standard AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI Global marked.

New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI Global marked.

Current American standards ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001.

Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.

Interim European Standard VG1 (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.

For more information visit http://www.equestrian.org.au/news/helmet-regulations-updated


Toorak College three-pleats at Saddleworld VEIS Show Jumping Final

The 2016 Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final held at Werribee Park on Saturday saw Toorak College triumph as State Show Jumping Champion for the third year in succession, returning the coveted Annie White Trophy to Mt. Eliza. Record numbers from over 70 schools turned out to compete at the premier interschool event where riders were vying for coveted places in the State Interschool team that will travel to Sydney in September. Toorak’s success was all the more impressive as contributions came from senior and junior riders alike throughout the various VEIS levels. Christian College Geelong again took out 2nd place in the Series, with Ivanhoe Grammar’s top Grand Final performance not quite enough to nudge the ever-present Geelong Grammar team out of overall 3rd place.

In the top 125cm Stars level, Chloe Dennison from Toorak had a flawless day to narrowly beat her proud big sister Jasmine into 1st place. Chloe and her experienced mount Fosbury Flop needed to ride clear and fast in the final jump-off round to claim both the overall Series and Grand Final titles. Gippsland Grammar’s international rider Darcy Wade, fresh from his recent success in Ireland, was 2nd in Stars Series following a very consistent year aboard Wondaree Ruped. The quality of the jumping in the Stars class showcased just how far interschool show jumping has come, with Chloe and three other riders leaving all fences standing throughout the day.

The VEIS course designer Paul Williams, whose son Matt is competing for Australia in Rio, commented that he sees exciting improvement each year in the riding that the VEIS ranks is developing.

In the 115cm Advanced level, Georgia Price highlighted why she is considered a future star with a clean sweep of the Grand Final and a convincing win of the Series. Georgia and her super mare Starstruck Juliet were never troubled by the challenging courses, and no doubt had the Stars riders looking over their shoulders at the progress of the young 13 year old. Stephanie Ivanovic from Toorak College riding Mighty Tosca showed that eventers can mix with the show jumping specialists by taking home the Reserve Champion rosette on the day, enough to push her into 2nd spot on the Series tally. 

Emily Downes  made St. Paul’s AGS proud with a Series victory in the 105cm Intermediate section. Emily and Snowy River Viking were among the top few combinations all year, and her 4th place in the Grand Final event secured the well-earned Saddleworld trophy rug. In 2nd place was Clancy Grant from Ivanhoe Grammar riding Sky High Ripple Effect. Clancy will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with at the Interschool Nationals as he has posted better and better performances at each show throughout the year.

At the Progressive 95cm height, Hayden Parker from St. Coleman’s in Mortlake scored one for the boys with a stirring come-from-behind victory over Geelong Grammar’s Oliva Batten. Hayden steered his pony Fat Boy Slim to an all-important victory in the Grand Prix class to secure his title.  Olivia, no stranger to the podium, will take comfort from the fact she will be loading up the truck again to head to the Nationals for the 2nd successive year.

The Improvers 85cm Cassidy Neubauer and Llue Llaw  took the Grand Final blue ribbon as well as the Series trophy rug by scoring maximum points on the day. Cassidy, and data point for Gillon’s proposed mid-season draft, took out the title wearing her new Ivanhoe Grammar uniform. Cassidy just edged out Lucy Lawn on Flowerpot, who has been a stalwart of the Christian College team all year.

The very competitive 75cm class was won by Georgia Murdoch on Holiday Fling, with Lamoza Velisha finishing in 2nd place after her Grand Prix win at the final.  Lane Browne had a perfect day on Miss M to win the 60cm Freshman title after Toorak’s young gun Neve Bailey, the early leader in the class, suffered an unscheduled dismount in the jump-off round.

Saddleworld’s continued support of the VEIS Grand Final meant that all Champions and Reserve Champions were well rewarded with wonderful prizes for the efforts. Their generous sponsorship highlights the effort Saddleworld are making to support the development of equestrian sport at the grass roots level.

As the presentation of the trophy named in her honour, Annie White summed up the sentiment of all present at the jumping final; “the VEIS series with the Saddleworld Grand Final format is continuing to be excellent training our future Olympic hopefuls. With standards improving and increased participation in the VEIS each year, the sport is on a great trajectory!”

ISJ 2016 Summer Show and Qualifier Report

The ISJ Summer Show again saw interschool show jumping reach greater heights! Riders from 80 schools across Victoria completed an aggregate total of more than 1,000 rounds on a day that showcased fabulous jumping, sportsmanship and team spirit. Course builder Paul Williams challenged the best of riders with his technical courses in all four rings, and commented how delighted he was with both the enormous participation and high standard of riding.

In the feature teams event of the day, the “Present Stars” turned the tables on the returning “Past Stars” after last year’s humbling defeat. This year the Present Stars team of Matilda Alexander, Jasmine Dennison, Nina Griffiths and Emily Van Sonsbeek had nearly a perfect score with only one rail across all of their rounds. As well as taking home the $1,000 of vouchers provided by the Horse Barn, the Present Stars won the right to sign their names on the imposing “ISJ Wall of Fame” that has become a tradition for ISJ winning teams.

In the individual Stars competition, Toorak College’s Matilda Alexander had a faultless day to post a convincing win. The exciting Grand Prix jump-off was full of thrills and spills, with Matilda the only rider to finish on zero penalties. Matilda’s win was all the more impressive as she accounted for several National Young Rider Elite squad riders were vying for ISJ’s top honours. Past Stars rider Jess Hurley – no stranger to the winner’s circle at the ISJ – took home the Reserve Champion rosette. The Stars class boasted by far the largest contingent of 120cm interschool riders at any event for some time, which bodes well not only for a tremendous 2016 ISJ Series, but also for the future of Victorian show jumping.

In the Advanced section, the youngest rider in the class Georgia Price representing show sponsor Beaconhills College was the Champion in her first ride at this level. Georgia, on her very talented mare Starstruck Juliet, nudged out both Nina Griffiths from Frankston High and Georgie Batten from Geelong Grammar who were separated only by countback for the Reserve Champion rosette. In the Two Phase class of the Advanced competition, winner Darcy Wade was presented with the new Snow Spider Award which acknowledged the passing of a legendary horse who made winning the Two Phase at the ISJ a regular occurrence.

In the Intermediate level, Abbie King aboard Party til Midnite was able to celebrate hard by taking home the Championship after a blue ribbon in both the Two Phase class and the Grand Prix.

Madison Kaye riding Ragamuffin from Catholic Ladies College won the Championship in the Progressive section, with Toorak College’s captain Chessie Oswald-Jacobs claiming the Reserve Champion award. 

In the Improvers class, Lucy Lawn blossomed on her mount Sanlirra Flowerpot to be crowned Champion, with Zoe Waller from St. Paul’s finishing in 2nd place overall.

The Encourage section was dominated by Toorak College’s young guns Monique Dewsnap and Chloe McFarlane – Monique guided her pocket rocket Gidget to 1st overall despite Chloe’s cracking jump-off round in the Encourage Grand Prix.

The Freshman class was also won by a Toorak representative, with young Neve Bailey posting her maiden ISJ victory.

Overall, Toorak was the dominant school on the day registering a score of 39 points – 12 ahead of St. Paul’s Anglican Grammar who had a terrific day scoring their highest school points tally ever. Geelong Grammar came 3rd with 25 points. Toorak look like they will be hard to beat as Victoria’s top show jumping school as they had winners and placegetters throughout most classes during the day.

The VEIS qualifier series moves to Geelong Grammar next weekend where record entries are again expected. It is indeed exciting to see such tremendous growth of show jumping in Victoria at this grass roots level. 

Photos of the day thanks to OneEyedFrog Photography - for more images and to order click HERE

ISJ Winter Show Report


It’s called the ISJ Winter Show for a reason – we generally ‘receive’ lots of rain in the lead up! This year was no exception. Friday’s Round Three of the 2015 Series followed more than 40mm of rain in Clyde the preceding day, but Deb Lovett and the Hillcrest team ensured all was in order for another great day of interschool jumping. It was a day that saw some familiar faces take home blue ribbons, as well as some new combinations sweeping the fields to take the honours. More than 180 riders representing 60+ schools ignored the wet conditions of the day before to provide a wonderful exhibition of both sportsmanship and jumping. As always, Paul Williams – ISJ’s technical delegate and course designer – set challenging lines in all three rings to ensure all riders were tested. A highlight of the show was the draw for the two VIP tickets to the Australian Show Jumping Championships to be held at Werribee in September - the ISJ’s Head Judge Annie White drew Encourage competitor Eliza Crossing’s name out of the hat and Eliza was as delighted with her prize as she was with her 4th place in the Encourage Championship on the day. The ISJ thanks Katie Classon from its major sponsor Pryde’s Easifeed for her contribution to making the ISJ Winter Show such a success.

In the 125cm “Stars” competition, Nina Griffiths of Frankston High broke through for her first Stars win at the ISJ. Nina, niece of Olympian Sam Griffiths, won both the Two Phase class and the Grand Prix to score maximum points. Nina’s clean sweep on the day catapulted her into 1st place in the race for the 2015 Stars Series trophy. The ISJ Stars class is proudly sponsored by the Riders Shoppe with a $250 voucher for the winner at each ISJ show – Nina was grateful to receive her generous prize. It was fantastic to see four new riders graduate to the Stars class, with two of those riders finishing in the top four on the day. Mia McNaught from the The Peninsula was third overall after notching up 2nd place in the Two Phase class, and Chloe Dennison secured 4th in the Championship after her 2nd place in the Grand Prix class. National Young Rider Squad representative Matilda Alexander on the very talented Dreamtime Invader took the Reserve Champion rosette.

In the Advanced section, Toorak College’s Holly Roysmith turned in a stellar performance to claim the Winter Show Championship. Holly was aboard her new mount War Folly and is coached by Olympian Laurie Lever. In 2nd place was local favourite, Hillcrest’s Tamiesha Kelly and in 3rd was an ISJ Hall of Famer, Max Height riding a new mount for him, Bannistar. Gabrielle Lovett was 4th – we wish to congratulate Gabrielle as she has just been crowned captain of the Victorian Interschool Show Jumping team to compete at the upcoming Nationals in Sydney. 

Charlie Height won the Intermediate Championship on the infamous Snow Spider who holds the record for the most Two Phases won at the ISJ. Bianca Lock, riding another show jumping legend at this level, Monahan Harrison, was Reserve Champion. Bianca’s performance gives her a commanding lead in the Series standings.

The Progressive Championship was claimed by a certain future star, Bronte Hutchison who rode her pocket rocket Radnor Tangerine to victory in both the Two Phase and the Grand Prix – no mean feat for the Year 7 rider in a field of over 35. Hutchison, also under the tutelage of Laurie Lever, is one to watch. Geelong Grammar’s Harry Bufton was Reserve on Plaudit’s Quest.

Rohan Lock made sure he had family bragging rights for the trip home by winning the Improvers Championship on Billy The Kid. Saffron Wardrop Brown and her mount Twilight Jester was runners-up, with Jumpin Jack back in the placings grabbing 3rd overall with his new jockey Grace Contessi. Like his sister, Rohan has stretched out his lead in the Series competition so the Lock family will likely need a wheelbarrow at the October show to cart their winnings back to the Bellarine!

The Encourage class, which boasted over 40 entries again, saw Caitlin Butterworth take the honours on African Daisy. Olivia Batten on Nala – no stranger to the winner’s circle – was the Reserve Champion and grabbed an 8 point lead in the Series race.

The Winter Show Freshman’s Championship was again dominated by Abbey Mamers from Woodleigh who for the second time claimed maximum points on the day.

Overall, Toorak College took out the school’s competition by 7 points from Hillcrest Christian College and extended its lead in the ISJ Series Trophy to an almost unassailable position.

We look forward to seeing you all at Ayr Hill on October 16th for the ISJ Spring Show when the ISJ will go to the Olympics – stay tuned for more information on our special program for the Series finale!

Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final 2015 - Show Jumping report


The 2015 Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final held at Werribee Park on Saturday was another fantastic display of interschool show jumping with over 150 competitors representing more than 60 schools. The event showcased some of the best young jumpers in Victoria, with riders vying for the Series Championships and places in the State Interschool team which competes in Sydney in October. For the second year running, Toorak College took out the coveted Annie White Trophy for the champion show jumping school in Victoria. The trophy honours Annie’s on-going contribution to the development of the sport. Toorak’s captain Lily Wickenden was delighted with the success, particularly as the team boasted contributions from riders as young as Year 3 up to Year 12. Toorak were consistent leaders throughout the year and capped off the title with a winning performance at the Grand Final. Christian College Geelong finished 2nd in the Series and will be a team to be reckoned with next year given the average age of their riders is Year 7!

Assumption College’s strong Grand Final performance wasn’t quite enough to tip the ever formidable Geelong Grammar team out of 3rd place overall.

In the top 125cm Stars level, Frankston High’s Nina Griffiths posted a terrific win aboard Mr. Ali at the Grand Final to propel her into first place on the Series scoreboard. Nina’s performance was certainly a highlight of the event. Alexandra Robinson and Sir Dozer from FCJ Benalla consolidated her consistent interschool season by taking the Reserve Champion rosette. Jasmine Dennison and Bubble & Squeak from Toorak College finished 3rd on the series leader board.

Having missed state team selection on a count back last year, Gabrielle Lovett and her infamous Surf had a great day to just snatch the Advanced Championship rug from The Peninsula School’s Mia McNaught. His Series victory caps off a much-celebrated career for the mighty Surf.  Mia, who was leading the Series into the final day, will still represent Victoria in the 110cm section. 3rd in the Series was Chloe Dennison riding Fosbury Flop, whose great jump-off round in the final Grand Prix saw her claim the blue ribbon at the Grand Final at this height.

In the 105cm Intermediate section, runaway leader Bianca Lock from Christian College Geelong took home the Series Championship. Bianca’s mount Monahan Harrison is certainly no stranger to the winner’s circle, and again proved what a gem he is at this height. Jessica Grant representing Ivanhoe Grammar was 2nd and 3rd in the Series on her two Blackall Park horses which was an outstanding effort.

At the Progressive 95cm level, Holly Roysmith had another super day by taking out 1st place in both the Grand Final and the Series. Holly was a key contributor to Toorak’s winning team throughout the whole VEIS Series and handled the pressure on the final day with aplomb. 2nd in the Series was Geelong Grammar’s Amethyst Leslie riding the class GP Nichols and Dimes. Amethyst’s Grand Final performance had her just sneak in ahead of her compatriot Scarlett Frith who finished 3rd.

The Improvers 85cm was won by Gippsland Grammar’s Cohen Wade who set the crowd alight with his jump-off rounds on Star Obsession. Cohen managed to navigate some seemingly impossible lines to set some unbelievable times and keep all rails still in place! Victoria will no doubt rely on him to post some winning points in Sydney. Christian College Geelong riders filled the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the Series – with Rohan Lock taking the Reserve Champion prize from Charlotte Sheldon and Till Fair.

As usual, the 75cm Encourage class was very competitive with ACK’s Siobhan Laffan on Deejay Aramis winning the title by just 4 points from Geelong Grammar’s Olivia Batten. The 60cm Freshman title was won by Amber Balazs-Ashman on Houdini. No miraculous performance was needed by Amber as she won both the Two Phase and Grand Prix classes on the final day to ensure her overall Series victory. Caitlin Butterworth from Carrum Primary was the Series Runner-up on her pocket rocket Squiggles.

Saddleworld’s continued support of the VEIS Grand Final meant that all Champions and Reserve Champions were awarded fabulous prizes. Their generous sponsorship highlights the effort they are making to support the development of equestrian sport at the grass roots level.

As she presented the trophy that has been named in her honour, Annie White summed up all of the riders’ sentiments; “the VEIS Series with the Saddleworld Grand Final format is proving to be an excellent development ground for aspiring equestrian athletes. We are seeing improving standards and more depth of riders each year.” Good luck to our state team representatives!



Assumption College (“ACK”) hosted the third and final Equissage VEIS show jumping Qualifier event at picturesque Lancefield on Saturday.  Mustad Saddleworld, Kilmore sponsored each division with a Champion inscribed, woollen rug. 170 riders from 59 schools enjoyed a fantastic day of jumping – the standard at all levels was indeed exceptional. Representatives travelled from all corners of the state to jump the technical courses set by the very experienced course designer Gary Baxter. EA judge John Pearce, who presided over proceedings in Ring One, commented on the great improvement he was witnessing in junior show jumping as a result of the increasing number of quality interschool events being staged.
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Toorak College took home the ACK Shield with a convincing overall team win and consolidated its place at the top of the VEIS leader board in the race for the Annie White Trophy. Christian College Geelong was second with its enviable team of budding show jumpers, and Geelong Grammar came in third. Host school ACK had to settle for fourth place, but would have been ecstatic with how their day was enjoyed by all in attendance.

The 125cm Stars class was a fantastic spectacle, with each rider jumping clear and fast in the Two Phase class. In the Grand Prix, only one rail separated all riders after the first two rounds and all qualified to enter the jump-off. Reigning Australian junior champion Jasmine Dennison representing Toorak College was last to go and managed to post a clear round to just nudge Nina Griffiths from Frankston High into 2nd place. Alexandra Robinson from Benalla on her super mount Sir Dozer were 3rd. Matilda Alexander, a member of the Australian Elite Young Rider squad, was 4th on Dreamtime Invader. All competitors should be congratulated on the show jumping display put on at this height, the highest interschool level. Jasmine’s win put her narrowly ahead of Nina and Alexandra in the VEIS Series race which will be decided at the August 1st Grand Final.

In the Advanced class (115cm), Holly Roysmith from Toorak College battled hard on her horse War Folly to take home the Champion’s rug in a very even event. 4th in the Two Phase and 2nd in the Grand Prix was enough for Holly to push into second place by just one point the infamous interschool mount Surf, ridden by Gabrielle Lovett. One solitary point further back in 3rd place was Tori Fair from St. Ignatious College. David Charman from St. Margarets aboard Conceal was 4th overall after riding three superb clear rounds and taking 1st in the Grand Prix class.

At the 105cm Intermediate level, last year’s VEIS Progressive Champion Bianca Lock continued her rich vein of form with a dominant performance to claim 1st place. Riding Monahan Harrison who is no stranger to blue ribbons, Bianca representing Christian College Geelong put herself atop of the VEIS Series standings with her ACK win. Nicole Davis from Tintern was the Reserve Champion, and Georgia Moodie from Mackillop Werribee was 3rd on her talented horse SP Serene NZPH.

Bronte Hutchison from Haileybury rode a cracking jump off round on her pocket rocket Radnor Tangerine in the Progressive Grand Prix (95cm) to ensure she captured 1st place in Progressive Championship on the day. Holly Roysmith continued with on her excellent form for Toorak College, adding Reserve Champion in Progressive to her win in the Advanced class. Her pony Wychwood Jamie has not put a foot wrong for Holly at this level all year, and they sit atop of the VEIS Series table in the Progressive level. Scarlett Frith on Café Cortado from Geelong Grammar showed she is also a very consistent performer by following up her win at Round Two with third place at this event.

Christian College Geelong compatriots Tilly Fair and Rohan Lock were clear leaders in the Improvers Class, with Tilly taking the title by one point on her pony Berridale Blue Sky. Emerging talent Saffron Wardrop-Brown from Haileybury was 3rd.

In the Encourage section, Oliva Batten riding Nala scored maximum points and took home the Championship with a clean sweep of both the Two Phase and Grand Prix classes. Home town rider Siobhan Laffan was second for ACK on Deejay Aramis.

Ambar Balasz-Ashman’s victory in the Freshman Primary class showed that Kardinia International riders aren’t just famous for their dressage prowess! Like Oliva in the Encourage, Ambar won blue in both the Two Phase and Grand Prix on her pony SP Houdini to lock in the Champions rosette. Caitlin Butterworth representing Carrum Primary aboard Squiggles had another great day taking 2nd in both classes to secure the Reserve Champion award. 

Overall, it was a terrific VEIS day which showcased great jumping, sportsmanship and team spirit at all heights. Over 600 combinations from more than 100 schools participated in the first three rounds of the Equisagge VEIS Qualifier Show Jumping Series, and we are now set for a huge Grand Final at Werribee on August 1st. The race for the Saddleworld rugs and garlands is tight at all levels so we are expecting an exciting culmination to the 2015 VEIS Series. We look forward to seeing you all there! For progressive scores to date, go to www.veis.com.au.

Photos thanks to Vanessa Cowling @ C&C Photography - to view the photo's from the day CLICK HERE


The call for “Enter at A, at X halt and salute” began at 8am on a coolish winter Saturday at Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre where 180 student riders were focussed on that first signal from one of eighteen judges, that their EA test had begun.  The Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series dressage qualifier surpassed expectations on entries, the pressure was on our dedicated and qualified judges to provide competitors with a rewarding and constructive environment for their pathway to the National interschool competition held later in the year in NSW. With three sand, and six grass arenas, the Ayr Hill venue looked ready for action. Thanks to Caitie O’Connell who was faithful to the task, providing competitors with updates, scratchings, special requests, and juggling the 10 sections to finish before the daylight hours did. We were delighted that the grounds held up and remained firm all day despite the heavy rain leading up to the event.

The Advanced section honours went to Grace Sutcliffe from Haileybury.  Whilst she was the only competitor in the section the execution of the test with DON Angelo held the spectators in silent admiration as they watched from around the edges of the indoor arena.  It is always delightful when the last salute is given and a quiet ripple of applause turns to a low din….building up gently to make sure the horse stays calm. Our spectators are so respectful.

Champion and reserve champion for the Medium section, with 11 riders, went to Sophie Pomie on Toojay, from Luther College and Amelia Sadler aboard View Bank Boyd from Kardinia International College respectively. Thanks to the judges Jill Sinclair and Natalie Frew, Helen Heagney and Pam Edwards for spending their time not only judging but in some instances, alighting from the confines of their newly installed judges boxes to spend time with riders immediately afterwards.

Toorak College took the Champion Rosette in the Elementary section, with Lily Wickenden on Hoc’s Striesand scoring the coveted top points, Chloe Ritchie and Windarra Czar from Clonard College was awarded the reserve.  Of all the 14 riders in this section the lowest score was 56% and that is a testimony to the increasing standard that this series is able to offer students who choose to get competitive and take a pathway toward E.A. competitions.

With 22 riders in the Novice Senior section, and percentages ranging from 72 – 55% we were delighted to award the champion prize to Oscar of Western Port Secondary College ridden by Scott Scanlan. Scott also received the voucher valued at $35 from Paddock Partners, which was awarded to all Champions on the day.  Our runner up, trailing by only 1.5% received the $25, was Matilda Longbottom.  She represented Melbourne Girls Grammar and gave a great ride on Broadway Duntroon.

Our Novice Intermediate section was represented by twelve different schools in the section giving the audience at great snapshot of the riding standard across the state as riders from Geelong, Kilmore, Ivanhoe, and Bendigo as well as surrounding suburbs rode for the judges Olwen Kemp and Fiona Normand. First in the section was Natasha Moody on Diamond Noir for St Margaret’s School, and the reserve was Lucy Stuart from Braemar on Chocolate Royale. And again only 1.5% between the first and second place getters.

How delightful to have Primary aged students stepping up to the Novice level and with scores in the 60% they are obviously doing a more than adequate job at accomplishing the basic requirements. Remlif Park Wizard and Lucy Peters from Kardinia International College were the champions of the day, whilst Marena Display and Caitlyn Porter took the Reserve Champion home.

The hotly contested Preliminary Secondary level saw the need to split this group and the sections monopolized 4 arenas all day.  Section A Champion for the day was awarded to Langtree Cocaine and Lizzy Brand from Braemar College.  Reserve Rosette went to Chloe Salter and Elite Laayla from Blackburn High. Section B winner was Jenna Bos, Frankston High on Warranwood Expo and Lily Butterworth, The Peninsula School aboard Cintra Great Occasion.  This result places the south eastern region high up in the ranks to represent the region in the VEIS Grand Final, with scores averaging 75% over these four tests.

Abbey Mamers and Lynlea Pantomime from Woodleigh School was our Champion in Preliminary Primary with scores above 65%. Congratulations to Harry Luxmoore and Lincott Libbitty from Braemar College as they led the field of 25 riders.  Huge effort by Abbey Mammers who also scores well in the Interschool show Jumping series.

The Preparatory section, which is the most endearing, boasted 26 riders and with the top scores reaching the high 70% and onto 80%, there is obviously some riders champing at the bit to take on the preliminary sections very soon. Jazi French of Melbourne Girls Grammar riding Karlana Déjà vu and Mia Venturini with Rosie from Mount Martha Primary school were our Champion and Reserve Champion for the day.

The results are available on the website and we congratulate all riders, their horses and of course the tireless parents, friends and relatives who helped get out there and compete today.  Congratulations to all who won and placed, there were some very good scores.

Our thanks also go to the field of judges for the day – your smiling faces dedication to the sport are what helps shape our event. Thanks also to all our wonderful helpers of Hillcrest Christian College who made the day run smoothly.  Julia Williams from Toorak College for your multi-tasking and ability to jump in to whatever job happens to need doing.

Thanks to Equissage for sponsoring the VEIS Qualifier Series, sponsors are an integral part of the success of the series.

The overall ISD schools tally after day two of the interschool dressage series is Toorak College on 57 points followed by Haileybury and Flinders Christian Community College each with 46 points. Check out the website for progressive scores www.interschooldressage.com . Entry forms will soon be available for Day three when we will be on the other side of winter and do it all again for Round 3 and 4 of the 2015 ISD championship series.

Photos thanks to Sharlene @ OneEyedFrog Photography- to view the photos from the day CLICK HERE


The VEIS celebrated the arrival of spring on March 1st with Round Two of the Equissage VEIS Qualifier Series which was held down at Geelong Grammar’s most impressive equestrian facility. 160 riders from all parts of the state entered this year’s event – a 50% increase on last year – which highlights the rapidly expanding interest in the VEIS and in interschool equestrian sport. The winning school on the day was Assumption College Kilmore, who managed to topple the 2014 VEIS show jumping title holders Toorak College by a solitary point, indicating just how tight the competition was. Paul Williams, the President of Show Jumping for Equestrian Victoria and by now the resident VEIS course designer, built courses that were both challenging and rewarding for the talented field of up-and-coming riders in attendance.

In the Stars class (125cm) Nina Griffith’s jump-off round in the Grand Prix class overshadowed even the speed of the F16s that were on display up the road at the Avalon Air Show. That performance by Nina representing Frankston High on Mr. Ali was enough to ensure she took home the Champion’s rosette and prizes from generous sponsors Equissage and Horseland Geelong. Toorak College’s Jasmine Dennison aboard Bubble & Squeak finished in 2nd place on a count back, which gives Jasmine an early lead in the overall VEIS Championship after two rounds. The Stars provided a fantastic show jumping exhibition for many of the younger riders looking on, with four riders going clear in a very exciting jump-off round where each rider was just a bit quicker than the one before. Alexandra Robinson from FCJ Benalla was a close 3rd.

In the Advanced class (115cm), Kirsten Lenne from Kilmore International proved her mount Ricky Rockstar is indeed worthy of his name with convincing wins in both the Two Phase and Grand Prix classes. The Peninsula School’s Mia McNaught on Cracker Jack Candy kept up her consistent form from the recent ISJ Round One Qualifier to claim the Reserve Champion prize on the day, and snatch the Series lead in Advanced at this early stage.

Last year’s VEIS Progressive Champion Bianca Lock showed she is more than capable of taking on the bigger heights by winning the Intermediate section (105cm). Having graduated to Year 7, Christian College’s Bianca and her very successful horse Monahan Harrison won both classes on their way to being crowned Champion. Will Allen from Hamilton & Alexandra College was close behind on Intimidating, with seasoned campaigner Jessica Grant posting both 3rd and 4th place for Ivanhoe Grammar on her two mounts.

In the Progressive level (95cm), Scarlett Frith made the most of her home ground advantage to take out 1st prize on Café Cortado for Geelong Grammar – a super effort with such depth in the numbers at this height. Holly Roysmith from Toorak College followed up her win in the VEIS Round One Qualifier with 2nd place, taking the Reserve Champion rosette on a count back from rising star Jessica Hivon representing Luther College on Scoobie Doo. Jessica is one to watch – having qualified via the VEIS Series for last year’s state team, she went on to win the Primary division at the 2014 National Interschools event at Werribee last October.

The Improvers class Champion prize was taken out by Victoria Syme wearing her new Woodleigh School colours riding Rockerbillie. In 2nd place was Clancy Grant, ensuring the Grant family well and truly left their mark on the event! Clancy just edged Eliza Bell from Christian College out of second spot on a count back.

In the Encourage section, Cassidy Neubauer registered another convincing win for Assumption on Lleu Llaw. Kayley Greaves-Maher from Cornish College celebrated 2nd place on her horse Budweiser.

Caitlin Butterworth’s win in the Freshman Primary class representing Carrum Primary was another great performance that showed just what impact young riders from smaller schools are having on the VEIS series. Caitlin and her pony Squiggles finished just one point ahead of Assumption’s Emily Newnham. Emily was fittingly riding Red Baron, and put on an air show of her own to take home the Reserve Champion rosette.

Overall, it was a fantastic day which showcased some great show jumping at all heights. With 440 combinations from more than 90 schools participating in the first two rounds of the Equisagge VEIS Qualifier Series we are set for an exciting year of great interschool equestrian competition. For results to date from the two qualifier events, the upcoming VEIS calendar, and news on the launch of Interschool Eventing in conjunction with Equestrian Victoria, go to www.veis.com.au.



The ISJ Summer Show indeed saw interschool show jumping reach greater heights! Over 270 riders completing nearly 1,000 rounds on the day put on a fabulous display of jumping, sportsmanship and team spirit. Paul Williams again did an outstanding job building challenging courses in all four rings, and we thank each of our judges for keeping each ring running on time throughout the day. The ISJ Head Judge Annie White, who is also the Show Jumping Co-ordinator for Equestrian Victoria, was delighted with both the excellent participation and outstanding standard of jumping.
In our feature event of the day, the “Past Stars” proved they were far from being has-beens with a narrow win over the best of the Current Stars riders. Jess Hurley, Jamie Ellis, Dominique Stephens and Jacob Wells finished on 8 penalties, 4 better than the Current Stars team of Matilda Alexander, Jasmine Dennison, Joel Pearce and Max Height. The Past Stars won the right to sign their names on the new, imposing “Wall of Fame” brick wall jump that was unveiled at this show. It was a fantastic beginning to this inaugural Stars Challenge event that we will run annually at the Summer Show. In the individual Stars competition, Matilda Alexander and Jasmine Dennison – Toorak College’s duet show jumping leaders – went one-two for the third consecutive show. Matilda’s cracking Grand Prix jump-off round earned her the Champion rosette and relegated Jasmine to Reserve. Nina Griffiths from Frankston High showed her star quality in the very exciting jump off round, finishing runner up in the Grand Prix class. The performances in the Stars class bode very well for a fantastic ISJ 2015 Series.

In the Advanced section, Mia McNaught posted her maiden ISJ victory on Cracker Jack Candy, and in the Intermediate level, Maddison Clarke riding Northern Cornelius took out the Championship honours. Holly Roysmith aboard Wychwood Jamie won the Progressive Champion Rosette and gave Toorak College one of three championship victories on the day. In the Improvers class, Cohen Wade from Gippsland Grammar prevented Christian College Geelong from taking out a championship on the day, despite having riders that finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th in this level. They are no doubt an upcoming show jumping school that will compete for the highest honours for several years to come.

Oliva Batten from Geelong Grammar riding Nala – a horse that is no stranger to success at this level with Olivia’s older sister – took out the Encourage Championship, and Monique Dewsnap representing Toorak College was the deserving winner of the Freshman class.

Overall, Toorak was the dominant school on the day with a score of 39 points – 10 ahead of Hillcrest and Christian College Geelong going into the 2nd VEIS Qualifier to be held at Geelong Grammar on March 1st.

We look forward to seeing you all at Ayr Hill on May 8th for the ISJ Autumn Show – Round 2 of the ISJ 2015 Series.


Photos thanks to Sharlene @ OneEyedFrog Photography- to view the photos from the day CLICK HERE