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Braemar College - winning dressage team for VEIS 2016 (pictured above and left)

Toorak College - winning Show jumping team for VEIS 2016

Congratulations to both schools and to all who competed throughout the VEIS Series this for 2016, and at the Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final.

The Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series (“VEIS”) was established over 10 years ago and has evolved into the premier interschool competition in Victoria. The founders of the series recognised that school children with a keen interest in participating in equestrian activities are the future talent pool for state and national team success in equestrian sport, and that a series of consistent events operating under EA rules was required for the ongoing development of the sport at grass roots levels.


Today, school children from all regions can compete in more than 20 events across the state as part of the VEIS. The school-run events use accredited EA judges and course designers and cater to all levels of riders, from those at the top of their sport nationally to those entering for the first time with dreams of taking home their first ribbon. Over 500 horse and rider combinations representing more than 150 schools have participated in events running under the VEIS banner in 2015.


In addition to regional events, the VEIS runs the Equissage Qualifier Series consisting of three events in both dressage and show jumping and the Saddleworld VEIS Grand Final, which takes place on the first weekend in August at the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre. This series provides a pathway for riders to represent their state at the Interschool Nationals (see VEIS Rules & Guidelines).


The VEIS is committed to:

  1. providing a safe and well-organised environment for primary and secondary school students to pursue their equestrian sport endeavours, and
  2. supporting the development of quality interschool competitions that will foster equestrian talent emerging from interschool ranks.



Thank you to Mustad Saddleworld Geelong
for their generous Sponsorship and Support 
of our
2017 VEIS Grand Final